Calculus Summative

For their math summative, grade 11 calculus students created a list of common calculus errors and how to avoid them. In groups, the students displayed these errors through creative mediums. Projects included a Snakes and Ladders board, a video, a storybook, and an interactive webpage.

Say Cheese!

The grade 12 AP physics presented their summative project on Friday. Students built one pixel cameras that could scan a 300 pixel by 300 pixel image in under 10 minutes. Successful groups also attempted to produce a coloured image using filters.

Functions Finale

This week, the grade 10 math class made the finishing touches to their math summative. For the final assessment, students applied knowledge from the course to create an original design using the graphing software Desmos. The projects consist of anything from simple linear and quadratic functions to complex trigonometric graphs.

Rocketing to Success

This week, the grade 9 science students began their space unit; starting off with a presentation from Mr. Lang. He introduced them to the origins of space, as well as a brief summary on planets and stars. As the students will be delivering presentations in a week on their chosen topics, Mr. Lang clarified some concepts and set an example.