Exciting Escape Rooms

Escape room

Escape room games are interactive puzzle-solving activities enjoyed by many TOPS students. This week, Marc Garneau’s Escape Room Club organized the school’s first escape room. Using hints scattered across the room, participants raced to solve a series of locks and puzzles in under 15 minutes.

Science Class Fun!

grade 10 science

This week, the grade 10 science students completed their first unit. Ms. Hermanovsky’s class gained a better understanding of chemistry through hands-on lab experiments. Mr. van Bemmel’s class enjoyed lectures about the history of science, including how scientists discovered the speed and determined the nature of light.

Understanding Comics

Grade 9 comics

This week, the grade 9 English class continued their study of comics. Students drew their own comics, creatively exploring the different styles of panel-to-panel transitions and expressing the advantages and drawbacks of the transitioning style. They will soon go on to study Greek Mythology.

Eco-Movie Screening

School Life Photo - Feb 28

Many TOPS students are involved in the MGCI EcoTeam, a group of passionate students working to make Marc Garneau CI greener. This week, they hosted their annual Eco-Movie Screening of Geostorm, a popular environmental film about climate change.

Rates of Reactions

Grade 12 Photo - Feb 28

The grade 12 chemistry students studied factors influencing rates of reactions. During a lab, they mixed a thiosulfate solution with hydrochloric acid and timed how long it took for precipitate to form under different initial concentrations and temperatures.

Computer Contest

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 14 (2)

A number of TOPS students from each grade wrote the Canadian Computing Competition. Divided into either a junior or senior division based on difficulty, students had a three-hour window to attempt to solve five different programming questions. Successful contestants will be able to move on to the Canadian Computing Olympiad in May.