The Magic of Electricity

Grade 12 Photo - Dec 13

The grade 12 AP Physics C students continued their study of electromagnetism through analyzing the relationships between charge, flux, electric fields, electrical potential, and magnetic fields. A number of fundamental equations were derived using a comprehensive understanding of calculus and vector algebra, as well as the right-hand rule.  

Girls’ Volleyball

TOPS students have always been active members of Marc Garneau’s sports teams. Currently, the girls’ volleyball season is going at full throttle, and TOPS students have been representing MGCI in TDSB’s tier 1 level competitions. This week, both the juniors and seniors had a game against North Toronto, and the juniors also participated in a tournament at Danforth Tech.

Titration Investigation

The grade 11 chemistry class performed multiple labs involving titrations. By titrating a base into an acid with unknown concentration, students were able to perform calculations to determine the acid molarity by using a pH indicator. This knowledge allows them to understand other titration concepts such as serial dilutions.

Circuit Schematics

gr9 circuits

This week, the grade 9 science class continued their study of electricity and circuits. Students drew circuit schematics including electrical components like resistors and switches. They explored electric current, potential difference, and resistance in circuits. They will soon go on to study the differences between series and parallel circuits.

Fitzgerald Commentary


This week, the grade 10 English class participated in group discussions of Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. Each group discussed a different topic or theme while the rest of the class observed their commentary. Prompts ranged from conversations about moderation, to love and obsession.

Pascal’s Triangle

The grade 12 data management students investigated Pascal’s triangle, the binomial theorem, and the multinomial theorem. They will apply these techniques to solve increasingly complicated problems in the coming weeks.