A Stellar Space Day

The grade 11 students got a taste of teaching through volunteering at Space Day, a Toronto-wide event organized to teach sixth grade students about space sciences in a hands on manner. Students facilitated the event by running the various activities, working to ignite a passion for science in the students.

Algonquin Training

This week, the Grade 10 science students finished their four-day training program for the annual trip to Algonquin Provincial Park. They wrote a test in their respective area of scientific specialization and completed Sim 0: a three-hour simulation conducted near the school on the experiments that will be performed during the trip.

Frantic Factoring

This week, the grade 9 math class explored the topic of factoring. Students learned about various methods for solving factoring questions, including decomposition and difference of squares. After completing immense amounts of practice problems, the class will be prepared for the fast-paced quiz next week.  

Powerful Graphs

This week, the grade 10 math class was introduced to higher power polynomial functions through graphing and analyzing the features of their equations. Students were taught how to factor and plot complex quartic and quintic functions as well as identify their equations when given a graph.