Ottawa Trip

Grade 10 Ottawa Trip

This week, the grade 10 class travelled to Ottawa as an enrichment to their history course. From visiting Parliament and the Supreme Court, to exploring multiple art and history museums, the trip was both exciting and informative. In addition, the group had a wonderful experience skating on the Rideau Canal.

Cutthroat Competition

Of all the exciting clubs available to MGCI students, DECA is one of the most popular. This club allows students to compete in a simulated business environment. This week, over 50 MGCI students competed at the provincial round of the competition. Many placed highly, with 14 students moving on to compete internationally in Atlanta, Georgia.

Splitting Up for Science

Learning new concepts in physics

The grade 10 students were split into two classes for science. One class is performing exciting lab experiments in Ms. Hermanovsky’s science unit, while the other attends stimulating lectures as part of Mr. van Bemmel’s physics unit. The two groups will switch at the end of the month.

Pine Crest in Winter

School Life Photo - Feb 7

The grade 11 TOPS students revisited YMCA Camp Pine Crest where they were able to relax after a demanding first semester of calculus, chemistry, and other courses. There, students participated in many winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and quinzhee building. The students had a great experience and are now ready to take on the second semester.

Choral Choirs 

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 7

The grade 11 English class analyzed a short story flash fiction involving themes of innate knowledge versus acquired learning. The students formed groups and compiled their own list of “things to know”. To present their ideas, each group had to perform a choral reading in which symbolism, volume, posture, and positioning were used to convey the message.  

Rolling Dice

Grade 12 Photo - Feb 7

The second-semester grade 12 data management students began their unit in constructing and interpreting visual displays of data. For their first assignment, they tallied the rolling of a single die and the sums of the rolling of two dice. Afterwards, they displayed the data for both scenarios using tables and graphs.