Building Seismographs

Building Seismographs

The grade 12 AP Physics class has finished their summative projects that involved building a seismograph from scratch. Through many months of hard work, they used their skills in circuit-building, soldering, engineering, and teamwork to complete this incredibly challenging project.

Jobs and Endeavours


This week, grade 9 careers students presented their summative career presentations. They were required to explain their future ambitions and goals, as well as keep their fellow classmates engaged during the presentation through creative activities.

English Fishbowl Seminars


This week, the grade 10 English classes participated in fishbowl seminars on The Great Gatsby. Students had in-depth discussions about themes and topics that were prevalent in the novel. They constantly challenged each other’s ideas and came out of the discussion with a newfound understanding of The Great Gatsby.

“The Great Gatsby”


The grade 10 English class indulged themselves in the classic “The Great Gatsby”- a story of love, death, wealth and betrayal. They explored the world through the eyes of the aristocrats from the early 1920’s as they prepared for an organized fish-bowl seminar on the novel.