Bridge Tradition

Over the course of an insightful morning, grade 9 TOPS students battled for the podium with their tact and craft. This recreational bridge tournament allowed students to review and apply their acquired knowledge on the game of bridge in a formal and friendly environment.

Escapade in New York

New York

Rounding off four years together, the Grade 12 TOPS students enjoyed a week off in New York City. The cohort explored NYC and enjoyed tours of the Lincoln Center, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the Tenement Museum, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Radio City Music Hall, and the …

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Musical Compositions

musical composition

This week, the grade 9 band class started their music summatives. Students used Baroque era compositional techniques and their creativity to write a 16 bar solo for their instrument. More experienced players were encouraged to put together a contrapuntal composition highlighting a simple melody which is slowly developed by interweaving parts.

Analyzing Animal Skulls

This week, the Grade 11 TOPS students applied their knowledge on the characteristics of different organisms in an activity they completed in biology. They were given many different types of animal skulls to analyze and identify. With the help of the information sheet that they were provided with, the students …

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