Substantial Solubility

The grade 11 chemistry class investigated the properties of various substances when added to water. Students obtained results for characteristics like solubility and conductivity and then attributed these properties to ionic or molecular substances. The knowledge gained from this lab will be invaluable for future studies in chemical bonding.

Fighting For Freedom

Freedom Day is an event that advocates for the awareness of human rights issues to students across the GTA. The grade 10 English class attended Freedom Day 2017, which included an array of motivational speaking performances. Students also visited a photojournalism exhibit at the Allen Lambert Galleria, featuring snapshots of affairs relevant to this day.  

Focus on Mitosis

This week, the grade 9 science class began their biology unit on cells. Through the use of microslide viewers, students studied the phases of mitosis in both plant and animal cell division. The class will soon go on to study the causes and effects of cancerous cells.

Houses and Moons

This week, the grade 10 computer science class used Java to create elaborate programs depicting a house and the moon. To expand on their designs, students coded gradients, polygons, and colours to run a program that followed a theme. For example, many were modelled after architectural wonders, holidays, or a distinct country.