Limits and Continuity

This week, the grade 11 AP Calculus students were introduced to their first chapter of the year: Limits and Continuity. Using properties and laws, students were taught how to analyze limits both graphically and algebraically. After each lesson, students had the opportunity to practice with an arsenal of problems.

Soup Can Analysis

The grade 12 AP Physics student began their first laboratory assignment this week. Using equipment such as LabQuests, MATLAB, and video cameras, the students are analyzing the movement of the fluids inside the cans (without being able to look inside!) and the characteristic behaviour of consommé and broth soups.

The Final Odyssey

This week, Grade 9 English students prepared for their final exam. The final English exam consists of a writing prompt that students must relate back to texts studied during the course. The exam preparation week ended with a practice essay, helping students learn to write effectively under pressure.  

TOPS Information Night


TOPS Information Night will be held on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. The evening will start at 7:00PM. Registration for the TOPS Exam will also begin on November 1st, and the application form will be posted online at this time. The exam will be held on November …

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