Terrific Transformations

Math transformations

The grade 10 math students began learning about transformations of functions. Over the course of four days, they studied vertical and horizontal stretches, compressions, and shifts, and how to apply them to a plethora of functions, including quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions.  

Exciting Escape Rooms

Escape room

Escape room games are interactive puzzle-solving activities enjoyed by many TOPS students. This week, Marc Garneau’s Escape Room Club organized the school’s first escape room. Using hints scattered across the room, participants raced to solve a series of locks and puzzles in under 15 minutes.

Science Class Fun!

grade 10 science

This week, the grade 10 science students completed their first unit. Ms. Hermanovsky’s class gained a better understanding of chemistry through hands-on lab experiments. Mr. van Bemmel’s class enjoyed lectures about the history of science, including how scientists discovered the speed and determined the nature of light.

Understanding Comics

Grade 9 comics

This week, the grade 9 English class continued their study of comics. Students drew their own comics, creatively exploring the different styles of panel-to-panel transitions and expressing the advantages and drawbacks of the transitioning style. They will soon go on to study Greek Mythology.

Eco-Movie Screening

School Life Photo - Feb 28

Many TOPS students are involved in the MGCI EcoTeam, a group of passionate students working to make Marc Garneau CI greener. This week, they hosted their annual Eco-Movie Screening of Geostorm, a popular environmental film about climate change.

Rates of Reactions

Grade 12 Photo - Feb 28

The grade 12 chemistry students studied factors influencing rates of reactions. During a lab, they mixed a thiosulfate solution with hydrochloric acid and timed how long it took for precipitate to form under different initial concentrations and temperatures.