This week, grade 10 students concluded their weather unit in science class. Throughout this unit, students examined weather phenomena such as a blue sky, seasons, and thunder storms. They concluded the unit by looking at extreme weather and the disastrous effects it can have on society.

Presenting Data Studies


Grade 12 Students in Data Management gave 12-minute presentations on their summative projects. Each student performed a study on a topic of their choice. Students developed a thesis question, conducted surveys and/or experiments to collect data, and extensively analyzed the results. Students were able to integrate knowledge learned from the …

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Algonquin Park Seminars

This week, the grade 10 students presented their Algonquin Park Seminars. After careful observation of the data collected from the past eighteen Algonquin Trips, students were required to extract, interpret, and conclude trends in their assigned topic areas. Topics included mammals, soil temperatures, and mass flow.

Factoring Factories

This week, the grade 9 students began an “Extreme Factoring Week,” during which they were given the awesome task of completing 350 math problems in four days. Questions consisted of factoring trinomial expressions. Some students took the initiative and finished early, boasting record times of three or even two days: …

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