Macbeth at Stratford

After analyzing the Shakespearean play Macbeth, the grade 11 students travelled to the Stratford Festival Theatre to watch a rendition by Antoni Cimolino. Following this trip, they had to write a critique of the performance, discussing elements such as the acting, script, directing, and stage effects.

Geometric Optics

basic optics

This week, the grade 10 TOPS Science class continued their study of geometric optics. They derived the fundamental magnification formula and discussed the most basic meaning of an “image”. They will work toward Snell’s Law, a formula to describe the relationship of the refraction of light.

A Different Kind of Odyssey

This week, the grade 9 English class watched a unique play at the Tarragon Theater titled “The Summoned”. Taking a break from the classroom environment, students had an “odyssey” of their own, hiking through a nature trail and travelling to downtown. The grade immensely enjoyed “The Summoned”, a play which …

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