DNA Fingerprinting

This week in Biology, the Grade 12 students visited the Ontario Science Centre for an all-day DNA Fingerprinting lab. Through the processes of Polymerase Chain Reactions and gel electrophoresis, students extracted, examined, and analyzed their own DNA. Students also received hands-on experience using special equipment such as micropipettes.

Creative Chemistry

This week, the twelfth grade chemistry students began conducting their summative experiments. Projects range from the chemistry of baking, to hair dyeing procedures, to the chemical composition of fireworks. They will be required to submit a research paper along with an engaging educational video of each demonstration.

Interpreting Pictures


This week, the grade 11 English students analyzed pictures from Antigonick, a modern re-write of the Greek play Antigone. They will further develop their understanding of the book by creating their own picture for the end of Antigonick.

The Art of Artificial Bidding

This week in grade 9 math, students learned a few in-depth tactics used in Bridge, a strategic card game. This included the Stayman convention and the Jacoby transfer, which are staple methods to communicate valuable information between players. Students were run through various Bridge scenarios to understand where these strategies …

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