Chemistry Summative

This week, the grade 11 chemistry students completed their summative lab experiments. They applied their knowledge of moles, solutions, and gases, and used stoichiometry to determine the number of moles and volumes of substances produced in a reaction.

Solving Social Issues

This week, the grade 9 geography students presented their social issues projects, where they examined and determined strategies to solve a specific problem. Students looked directly at the issue with respect to Torontonians, using the Toronto Vital Signs report, a ‘snapshot’ identifying the issues that affect the quality of life …

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Application of Eigenvectors

Grade 12 Linear Algebra students are applying their theoretical knowledge on eigenvalues and linear transformations to solve practical problems. With matrix multiplication, they now know how to determine expected population growth rates, long term city growth, and anticipated outcomes for political elections.

Math Storybook

This week, the grade ten TOPS students completed their math summative: creating an illustrated narrative that teaches math concepts while maintaining a plot. Some chosen topics were functions, quadratic relations, and system of equations.