Admissions – 2020


UPDATED November 29, 11:00am

The deadline for submission of all documents through the “TOPS Applicant Submission Form” HAS BEEN EXTENDED to  Sunday, November 29th at midnight.

We have sent an email to all applicants titled “We have received your TOPS Applicant Submission Form”. This is to confirm receipt of of the google form with the student profile (Up to November 29th, 1:00pm). The next email confirmation will be sent out November 29th, 5:00pm.

If you submitted the form and DO NOT see this email, please go back to your google form and check that you have correctly typed your applicant email address. If the applicant email address is correct, please re-submit the form. It is imperative that you have a functional applicant email address, as this is the one we will be using to administer the entrance exam!

An online entrance exam WILL be administered to supplement the application.

The exam will be administered by email to all applicants on Saturday, December 5th.

The exam will be administered in 2 parts.

Part 1: Math/Science exam (December 5     12:00pm- 2:00pm)

Part 2: English exam (December 5      3:00pm – 5:00pm)

Please ensure that you are available, and you have access to internet and a device during these time periods. An alternate exam date/time will NOT be provided.

Using the address “” we will send you an email at 12:00pm with the Math/Science exam attached. You will need to type your responses into the document, save it, and send it back through a google form by 2:00pm.

At 3:00pm you will get a second email from “” with the English exam attached. You will need to do the same steps as above, and send it back by 5:00pm. Please do NOT send any questions to this email address. Direct all questions to “”

The zoom link outlining these steps is posted below:

The zoom link below outlines how you can copy and paste written work into the exam, if necessary.

What can you expect from the exam?

There is a focus on application-style, long answer questions which focus on an applicant’s skills in Math and Science. These answers are not searchable online.

There will be between 6-12 questions on the Math/Science exam.

There will be 2 questions on the English exam: an interdisciplinary-style question, and a short essay.

We will not be providing any more information pertaining to the content on the exams.


Thank you to everyone who attended the zoom Q and A meeting last night. To those individuals who could not get in or could not attend, we have added the link to access the video and the Q and A chat below.

Video recording:

Chat document:





PLEASE do not try to obtain access to the document by requesting that we share them with you. They can all be downloaded directly from your computer, without the need to request access.

*If you have questions about how to obtain signatures from your principal on the optional attendance form, please ask these questions to the principal directly.


Please use this link to access the google form used to submit your documents.

We have been experiencing technical difficulties with not all applicants able to access the link above. If you are not provided access to the google form, please sign in using your personal gmail account. Some board accounts appear to have restricted access.

Thank you everybody for the great deal of patience you have had during these unpredictable times.

Stay safe everyone!


~Ms. Hermanovsky (Curriculum Leader of the TOPS Program)