Graphic Novels

This week, the grade 9 English class explored the juxtaposed sequential art of graphic novels. The techniques and diversity of the often overlooked format of text were examined by students with the intention of producing their own.

Jobs and Endeavours

This week, grade 9 careers students presented their summative career presentations. They were required to explain their future ambitions and goals, as well as keep their fellow classmates engaged during the presentation through creative activities.

Frog Dissections

This week, the grade 9 students were introduced to the unit of human systems. As a cumulative review, they performed a dissection so that they could study the complicated inner structure of a frog.

Forks of The Credit

This week, Grade 9 students visited the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in search of the mysterious forces that shape Canadian landscapes. After conquering an 8 kilometre hike, they got a chance to see the Cheltenham Badlands – a landform so devoid of nutrients that it cannot support vegetation.