Shakespeare Shake Up

The grade 12 English students have been split into two classes: one studying King Lear and the other studying Hamlet. Currently, various types of media including audio files, film adaptations, and staged skits have been used to analyze the text. A quiz was given at the end of this week on the first act of both plays.

Short Story Seminars

The grade 12 English students presented their short story seminars in class. The short stories span a variety of literary eras and are all written by renowned authors including Nikolai Gogol, H.G. Wells, and Margaret Atwood. Each presentation lasts about an hour and the students are encouraged to conduct Socratic discussions on the stories’ themes, characters, and literary devices.

Sophocles’ Oedipus

The grade 12 English students have begun studying Oedipus the King by Sophocles. They are reading the text as a class with a rotation of students playing different characters. Later in the week, students will work in groups to present chorus lines that resonate with the motifs and themes of the story.

Sarajevo Summative Essay

The grade 11 students have been annotating and discussing The Cellist of Sarajevo in groups. The purpose of their discussions is to analyze the three main characters of the book. Next week they will use their annotations, notes, and character outlines to write their culminating essay in class.