Antigone Analysis

The grade 11 English class is completing their study of Sophocles’ Antigone by studying Anne Carson’s adapted version, Antigonick. Students analyzed the illustrations and symbols within Antigonick during student-run 10-minute seminars. The presentations summarize and deepen the students’ understanding of Sophocles’ work.

Microscopic Organisms

The grade 11 biology class studied micro-slide viewer strips of both harmful and helpful bacteria to start off their new unit on prokaryotes, viruses, and protists. They have also been applying their understanding of these microscopic organisms by reading newspaper articles on antibiotic resistance and looking at prepared slides of probiotic yogurt.

Winter Pinecrest

The grade 11 students attended Winter Pinecrest, a four-day overnight trip at YMCA’s Camp Pinecrest, as a reward for their successful completion of a demanding fall semester that included AP Calculus and TOPS Chemistry. Students had a great time participating in team building exercises to bond and relax before the new semester.

Winter Break is Here!

In celebration of the winter holidays, the grade 11 students organized a party and Secret Santa gift exchange. Students played cards, socialized and relaxed after a month of preparing for unit tests and culminating activities.