Romeo and Juliet

This week, the grade 10 TOPS English classes have begun studying Romeo and Juliet. To enhance the reading experience, table group discussions, and video clips of different movie adaptations were utilized during class.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

This week, the grade 10 TOPS students have begun reading “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” in class with the audio book. As they study the Arthurian Legend, students are expected to annotate the text and participate in group discussions.            

Computer Science “Looping”

This week, the grade 10 computer science class began an assignment exploring different types of “Looping” programs, such as “While Loops” and “Nested Loops”. Due at the end of the week, the assignment also required the students to interpret the program through flowcharts.

Grade 9 English “Curiosity” Summatives

This week, the Grade 9 TOPS students were assigned their “Curiosity” English summative projects, their topics of study being anything they are curious about. Students have begun to compile worksheets and assignments done previously in the course to produce a creative presentation and writing assignment.