Timeless Timelines

This week, the grade 9 English students completed their summative presentations. The students were required to create a story timeline using the books they read throughout the semester. Free to use any media, they were asked to be creative and connect each story to their academic and personal growth.

The Kindness Café

Many students gathered in the cafeteria to participate in the Kindness Café, which is an event ran by the Undercover Kindness club. Participants were encouraged to write positive words on sticky notes and exchange them. As a bonus, they received small treats such as Oreo cookies and handmade brownies.

Terrific Twelfth Night

The grade 9 English students have finished reading Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. They started to write letters from the perspective of a character in the play, which will be addressed to their friend, parents, or even an advice column. Furthermore, the letter is expected to be written in Shakespearean prose as a challenge to the class.

Frantic Factoring

This week, the grade 9 math class explored the topic of factoring. Students learned about various methods for solving factoring questions, including decomposition and difference of squares. After completing immense amounts of practice problems, the class will be prepared for the fast-paced quiz next week.