Unconventional Energy

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The grade 9 geography class researched and created PowerPoint presentations on unconventional energy sources. Students got into groups and discussed the energy sources as well as their impacts on the economy, their ERoEI, reliableness and much more. They will then be presenting their ideas in later classes.

Vermicompost Creations


This week, the grade 9 geography class expanded their knowledge of climate, soil, and natural vegetation by learning about their interconnections. Students learned about how different climate regions directly affect the natural vegetation in Canada environment, and applied this knowledge to create vermicomposts.

Forks of the Credit


This week, the grade 9 geography class visited Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. They applied their knowledge of physical and glacial aspects of Southern Ontario by identifying different features that appeared throughout their trip. Students will use their experiences and additional research to create a slideshow about the natural environment and its effects on human activity.