Ambiguous Adaptations

Grade 11 Photo - Apr 11

The grade 11 English class read and analyzed the Greek tragedy of Antigone. The students also read in parallel the story of Antigonick, an ambiguous adaptation of the Greek play. Groups of two were assigned an image from Antigonick and were required to facilitate discussions on the expressionistic artwork.  

Fast Tracked Physics

Grade 11 Photo - Mar 7

The grade 11 physics class conducted a lab on constant acceleration for their kinematics unit. Groups of four utilized ticker timers to record the time it took for a cart to run down a tilted runway. Students applied this data to calculate velocity and acceleration, in addition to analyzing the results and relationships between variables.

Winning Winter Olympics

School Life Photo - Feb 21

This month, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea are being covered by The Reckoner. Many TOPS students part of the school’s newspaper team volunteered to report each day of events. Students passionate about certain sports tuned in and reported the medal winners while artists drew corresponding pictures that captured the emotion in the photo finishes.

Choral Choirs 

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 7

The grade 11 English class analyzed a short story flash fiction involving themes of innate knowledge versus acquired learning. The students formed groups and compiled their own list of “things to know”. To present their ideas, each group had to perform a choral reading in which symbolism, volume, posture, and positioning were used to convey the message.