Analyzing Algonquin


The grade 10 students embarked on their long anticipated expedition to Algonquin Park. During the four-day trip, teams comprised of 9 or 10 students hiked throughout the park to collect data on items including temperature, wildlife, and water depth and flow rate. Students will be analyzing the collected information through presentations in the upcoming weeks.  

Powerful Graphs

This week, the grade 10 math class was introduced to higher power polynomial functions through graphing and analyzing the features of their equations. Students were taught how to factor and plot complex quartic and quintic functions as well as identify their equations when given a graph.

Euclid Math Contest

This Thursday, the MGCI Math Society hosted Waterloo’s Euclid contest: a math contest dedicated to Grade 12 students but open to all attending Grade 12 or under. Many TOPS students from multiple grades participated in the event to challenge their knowledge of math and problem solving skills.

Reciprocating Graphs

This week, the grade 10 math class investigated reciprocal transformations on basic functions. Using reciprocal properties, students were able to visualize and understand the multiplicative inverse of simple equations. To demonstrate their knowledge, students collaborated in pairs to graph these functions and determine their respective domain, range and transformations.