Mind over Matter

The grade 11 chemistry class attended an interactive presentation on mental health and wellbeing at the Ontario Science Center. Using various experiments and dissections, the show discussed the growing pandemic of stress within teens, the biological effects of anxiety, and ended with a consolation lecture on methods to cope.

Squeeze Theorem

This week, the grade 11 BC Calculus class analyzed the limits of functions in indeterminate form. Using the squeeze theorem, students were able to find limits of functions that would’ve otherwise been unsolvable. To cement their knowledge, the proof of this theorem was achieved through a worked example that incorporated prior knowledge on trigonometry, graphing, and algebra.

More Algonquin Analysis

The grade 10 science students have completed their culminating task in the form of a presentation on the data collected from Algonquin Park. Each group of four was responsible for choosing, researching and analyzing a specific topic regarding the environment of Algonquin. After condensing these findings, they presented their conclusions to the class.

Analyzing Algonquin

IMG_0017-1024x683 Cropped

The grade 10 students embarked on their long anticipated expedition to Algonquin Park. During the four-day trip, teams comprised of 9 or 10 students hiked throughout the park to collect data on items including temperature, wildlife, and water depth and flow rate. Students will be analyzing the collected information through presentations in the upcoming weeks.