Summative Prep

Grade 11 Photo - Jan 10

The grade 11 chemistry students completed a lab in preparation for their summative evaluation, which consists of two days of in-class experiments. Students collaborated to find the percentage yield in the formation of a precipitate in an acid-base neutralization experiment.

Deck of Cards

Grade 11 Photo - Nov 29

The grade 11 computer science students finished their Deck Class assignments. Using a graphical user interface as well as the new concepts of arrays and array lists that they learned in class, students created a computer program that allows you to shuffle, sort, deal, add and search in a deck of 52 cards.

Math Contests

School Life Photo - Nov 8

Many TOPS students pursue their interest in the maths outside of the academic curriculum by competing in various math contests throughout the year. This week, students from all grades tackled the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge: a long answer contest written in order to qualify for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad.

Marvelous Moles

Grade 11 Photo - Nov 1

The grade 11 chemistry class began their unit on moles. Students explored different concepts and equations through the completion of a mystery assignment where they used knowledge learned in class to identify different formulas, as well as through multiple in-class labs.