HOSA Conference

School Life Photo - Mar 28

On March 27 and 28, TOPS students from all grades competed in HOSA Canada’s annual Spring Leadership Conference. Through a wide array of competitive health science events from Sports Medicine to Biomedical Debate, a total of 23 students placed top three in their events, qualifying them for the International Leadership Conference in Dallas this June.

Computer Contest

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 14 (2)

A number of TOPS students from each grade wrote the Canadian Computing Competition. Divided into either a junior or senior division based on difficulty, students had a three-hour window to attempt to solve five different programming questions. Successful contestants will be able to move on to the Canadian Computing Olympiad in May.

Summative Prep

Grade 11 Photo - Jan 10

The grade 11 chemistry students completed a lab in preparation for their summative evaluation, which consists of two days of in-class experiments. Students collaborated to find the percentage yield in the formation of a precipitate in an acid-base neutralization experiment.

Deck of Cards

Grade 11 Photo - Nov 29

The grade 11 computer science students finished their Deck Class assignments. Using a graphical user interface as well as the new concepts of arrays and array lists that they learned in class, students created a computer program that allows you to shuffle, sort, deal, add and search in a deck of 52 cards.