Quest for the Green Man

This week, the grade 10 English students finished their study of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a story which detailed the Arthurian Knight’s quest for the Green Man. To conclude the unit, students wrote an in-class essay which analyzed how Gawain’s identity changed throughout his journey.

Shaping it Up!


This week, the grade 10 math students completed their unit on analytical geometry. Students covered a wide range of geometrical topics, including derivations of complex equations such as a vector proof for the division of a line segment. The unit concluded with an assessment comprising of all the concepts studied over two weeks.

Country Heritage Farm


  This week, the grade 10 students visited the Country Heritage Farm for a day to learn about aspects of Canadian pioneer lifestyle. They were educated about different occupations the citizens held at the time, and experienced how a Canadian student attended school in the 1900s. Both classes had a fun and fulfilling learning experience.