Series and Sequences

This week, the grade 10 math students began a new unit on sequences and series. The class investigated the properties of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, and learned about Pascal’s Triangle: an important sequence that can be applied in binomial expansions.

Learning Trigonometry

The grade 10 students recently began their study of trigonometry. After reviewing the primary trigonometric ratios, students learned how to express angles in radians in addition to degrees. They will be assessed on their knowledge of special trigonometric ratios through dictation quizzes, which will prompt students to answer questions both quickly and accurately.

Chemistry Labs

The grade 10 science students learned about properties of different elements and studied chemical reactions through various in-class experiments. Some topics that were explored include combustion, neutralization, acids and bases, and balancing chemical equations.

Rational Expressions

Before venturing into their study of functions, the grade 10 math class is learning how to handle rational expressions with skill and accuracy. Students reviewed strategies and rules of thumb related to exponents, polynomials, and restrictions, and also perceived graphs of equations for a better understanding of concepts.