Exam Season

This week, TOPS students studied diligently to prepare for their semester one exams. Exams for certain subjects, such as grade 10 computer science, have already been conducted in class while others will take place during exam week. Students are looking forward to the start of the second semester, which will begin on February 3.

Summatives in Comp Sci

The grade 10 computer science class is currently constructing programs using Java for their final summative project. Students are developing interactive programs based on a topic of their choice, using knowledge from the course and beyond the curriculum. The class is anticipating creations including arcade-style video games, probability simulations, and even a virtual piano!

Function Frenzy

The grade 10 math students explored various function families, including that of the quadratic, the rational and the roots. Students learned how all functions of a family can be derived from its basic parent function. This was done by manipulating aspects of the function’s equation to alter its appearance, such as vertical translation.

Literary Analysis

This week, students in the grade 10 English class began their study of medieval poetry. Through a series of lectures, students learned about the history and evolution of the English language, and also practiced note-taking with the Cornell method. With their new knowledge and skill, students are prepared to study the medieval poem: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.