Algonquin Training

The grade 10 science students split up into training specialization groups in preparation for their Algonquin Park expedition in May. Over the next week, they will undergo rigorous training in one of the three specializations to ensure that they are well prepared for their training test at the end of the unit.

Clubs Fair

clubs fair

Many TOPS students are members of various school clubs, such as DECA or Me to We. In the student council’s first Clubs Fair of the semester, students had the opportunity to advertise their clubs and fundraise by selling different types of foods, ranging from cotton candy to samosas.

Terrific Transformations

Math transformations

The grade 10 math students began learning about transformations of functions. Over the course of four days, they studied vertical and horizontal stretches, compressions, and shifts, and how to apply them to a plethora of functions, including quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions.  

Splitting Up for Science

Learning new concepts in physics

The grade 10 students were split into two classes for science. One class is performing exciting lab experiments in Ms. Hermanovsky’s science unit, while the other attends stimulating lectures as part of Mr. van Bemmel’s physics unit. The two groups will switch at the end of the month.