Twelfth Night

The grade 9 English class saw the Classical Theatre Project’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, which featured Vaudeville style costumes and music from the 1920s. Afterward, they attended an acting workshop taught by Classical Theatre Project actors, where they learned the art of stage combat.

Ode to TOPSody

TOPS students have begun rehearsing their TOPSody piece. TOPSody is a musical piece composed by one grade 12 TOPS student every year, and its style is influenced by the composer’s own high school experiences. Students will attend weekly after-school rehearsals in order to prepare for their performance in June.

Lovely Logarithms

The grade 9 math class was introduced to logarithms this week. Students learned about the laws of logarithms and applied them to solve a variety of problems. They were given a package of logarithm worksheets, which they worked on using their newly purchased graphing calculators.

Gilgamesh’s Journey

The grade 9 English students have started their unit on The Epic of Gilgamesh. After studying their copies of the ancient story, students applied their knowledge of the plot to create timelines that described different plot points of the epic and their relations to the stages of Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.