Lovely Logarithms

The grade 9 math class was introduced to logarithms this week. Students learned about the laws of logarithms and applied them to solve a variety of problems. They were given a package of logarithm worksheets, which they worked on using their newly purchased graphing calculators.

Gilgamesh’s Journey

The grade 9 English students have started their unit on The Epic of Gilgamesh. After studying their copies of the ancient story, students applied their knowledge of the plot to create timelines that described different plot points of the epic and their relations to the stages of Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.

Stressed Out

After completing numerous summative projects last week, the grade 9 TOPS students began studying for their exams. To prepare, they used class time to finish study packages, which contained material they have learned throughout the semester.

Fantastic Frog Dissections

The grade 9 science students performed frog dissections this week as an extension to their biology unit. They worked in small groups and used information from a handout to guide them as they explored a frog’s anatomy, successfully performing a difficult procedure that is usually taught in the grade 11 curriculum.