Splitting Up for Science


The grade 10 students were split into two classes for science. One class is performing exciting lab experiments in Ms. Hermanovsky’s science unit, while the other attends stimulating lectures as part of Mr. van Bemmel’s physics unit. The two groups will switch at the end of the month.

Christmas Party


The grade 10 students threw a party to unwind after four busy months of tests and assignments. They sang along to popular Christmas tunes, played card games, and enjoyed snacks and a break before their math test on the following day.

Bronfman’s Speakeasy


The grade 10 history students engaged in a “speakeasy.” After performing research last week on an individual of their choosing from the 1920s, students had the chance to mingle in a Prohibition-era speakeasy setting, exchanging information about the personalities they represented.

Challenging Chess


Many TOPS students are avid chess players and spend their Friday lunches playing the game in the chess club. Club members can also apply to join the chess team and play competitively. The chess team consistently plays well in tournaments, with the junior team placing first in their competition last year.