Challenging Chess


Many TOPS students are avid chess players and spend their Friday lunches playing the game in the chess club. Club members can also apply to join the chess team and play competitively. The chess team consistently plays well in tournaments, with the junior team placing first in their competition last year.

Captivating Circles


The grade 10 math class began their geometry unit. After reviewing formulas for the length and midpoint of a line segment, students went on to study circle geometry, investigating the equation of a circle as well as properties of tangents and chords, which they will be tested on this week.

Remarque-able Novels

The grade 10 students began reading Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front as part of the integrated English and history course. Students discussed both literary and historical aspects of the novel, tackling topics such as trench warfare and how soldiers were affected by the war.

Axioms and Theorems

The grade 9 math class started a new unit in geometry. They learned how to prove geometric theorems such as the parallel line theorem and the opposite angle theorem. Students utilized these theorems in homework questions designed to prepare them for their EQAO assessment at the end of the semester.