Shocking Discoveries

The grade 9 science class began their unit on electricity this week. They learned the three different methods used to charge objects, the electrostatic series, and real-world applications of static electricity. The students experienced electricity in action as they worked with electrostatic generators and pith ball electroscopes.

Seeds of Knowledge

The grade 9 geography students began growing plants using soil that was produced in a vermicomposter over the summer. They learned how to meet the needs of the plants by watering them regularly, monitoring the temperature, and ensuring that they received enough sunlight. The first seeds are already sprouting!

Elements in Action

As their chemistry unit came to a close, the grade 9 science class completed one final lab. They observed and recorded the results of the reactions of calcium, aluminum, zinc, and other metals with water and hydrochloric acid to learn interactively about different trends on the periodic table.

Forks of the Credit

On September 25, the grade 9 geography class went on a trip to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. After examining various geographic features, they created presentations this week which explained how the features influenced urban and rural settlements in the past and the present.