Really Complex

This week the grade 12 students finished their studies on complex numbers. They learned how to perform computations on complex numbers, and how to represent these values in Cartesian, polar, and exponential form. Most importantly though, was the understanding that complex numbers are just as “real” as real numbers are.

Biology Storybooks

The grade 11 TOPS class finished and presented their biology storybooks. For the past few weeks, students have been working on storybooks that explain a particular subject in biology such as viruses, bacteria, and protists. They then presented their storybooks to elementary school students at Thorncliffe Park Public School.

Planting Investigation

The grade 11 biology class finished their studies on plants. To apply their knowledge, students began a research project focused on investigating a certain characteristic of plants and looking at factors that may affect it. Students will carry out experiments to analyse the chosen factor and present it in a formal lab report.

Pine Crest in Winter

The grade 11 TOPS students revisited YMCA Camp Pine Crest where they were able to relax after a demanding first semester of calculus, chemistry, and other courses. There, students participated in many winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and quinzhee building. The students had a great experience and are now ready to take on the second semester.