Pine Crest in Winter

School Life Photo - Feb 7

The grade 11 TOPS students revisited YMCA Camp Pine Crest where they were able to relax after a demanding first semester of calculus, chemistry, and other courses. There, students participated in many winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and quinzhee building. The students had a great experience and are now ready to take on the second semester.

Titration Investigation

The grade 11 chemistry class performed multiple labs involving titrations. By titrating a base into an acid with unknown concentration, students were able to perform calculations to determine the acid molarity by using a pH indicator. This knowledge allows them to understand other titration concepts such as serial dilutions.

Holiday Fair

School Life Photo - Dec 6

Marc Garneau C.I. has many student clubs, ranging from humanitarian-based organizations like MetoWe to competitive clubs like HOSA. This week, a holiday-themed Clubs Fair was held in theĀ galleria, where booths were set up and clubs sold food to promote themselves.

Sketching Curves

Grade 11 Photo - Nov 15

The grade 11 calculus class began their unit on curve sketching. Using prior knowledge of derivatives, students can now sketch more accurate graphs by identifying characteristics such as relative maximums and minimums, concavity, and intercepts.