This week, we used problem-solving abilities to tackle 9 challenging problems in under 2 hours as part of the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CS/IMC). The contest presented us with questions involving concepts in various areas of mathematics, which required short and full answer solutions. Top-ranking students will be recognized in the weeks to come.

Curve Sketching

The grade 11 calculus class began a new unit on curve sketching. Using their prior knowledge about the first and second derivatives of functions, students were able to sketch the slopes, concavities, and other key points of interest of various trigonometric, logarithmic, and rational functions.

As Clear As Crystal

The grade 11 chemistry class kicked off their chemical bonding unit with a lab to grow copper sulphate pentahydrate crystals. Students learned about the geologic processes behind crystal formation and studied the particle arrangement of different types of ionic crystals. Students will continue to grow their crystals throughout the week.