Irrational and Rational

This week, the grade 9 math class completed a test on radicals after a series of lectures in the prior week. As an extension to the subject of irrational and rational numbers, students are currently learning about exponents, which they will be assessed on in the following week.

Stories Behind Books

This week, the grade 9 English students began presenting their timeline projects based on Neil Gaiman’s quote: “Without our stories we are incomplete”. Students reflected on their lives and pinpointed key forms of literature that impacted who they’d become, which helped them realize the power that stories hold.

Calculating Circuits

The grade 9 science students recently began a new unit: physics! Students constructed various types of circuits, and used ammeters and voltmeters to measure current and voltage, respectively. They learned how to calculate resistance and studied the relationship between voltage, current and resistance.

Microviewing Micro-Cells

This week, the grade 9 science class learned about the human body’s vital systems. Using MicroViewers, they studied the different types of cells and illustrated the distinct stages and processes that they undergo. Additionally, students filled out worksheets which they will use to study for their test next week.