Beaker Babies

Grade 11 Photo - Apr 25

The grade 11 biology class solidified their knowledge of heredity by modelling inheritance with their own genes. In partners, students identified their own genetic traits and simulated the creation of a zygote by randomly combining their alleles. By looking at the resulting genotypes, they drew an example of the resulting baby.

Budding Botany

Grade 11 Photo - Mar 28

The grade 11 biology class started their experiments on plant growth. After formulating a scientific objective pertaining to their recent unit on plants, students planted selected seeds and began to observe plant behaviour under certain conditions. Using control cases, they will investigate properties like photosynthesis and gravitropism.

TED Talk Thoughts

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 21

The grade 11 English class watched a series of TED talks investigating how different types of art and ideas are approached. By annotating transcripts and holding class discussions, they distilled down the main ideas for further analysis. One talk about classical music will be the focal point for further inquiry into the power of music.

A Calculus Revolution

Grade 11 Photo - Jan 17

The grade 11 calculus students worked on applying definite integration. They solved problems involving work and the area between curves and also used Riemann sums to calculate volumes revolving around curves using disks, washers, and cylindrical shells. Knowledge of these applications will see definite use in future subjects.