A Calculus Revolution

The grade 11 calculus students worked on applying definite integration. They solved problems involving work and the area between curves and also used Riemann sums to calculate volumes revolving around curves using disks, washers, and cylindrical shells. Knowledge of these applications will see definite use in future subjects.

Summing It Up

After a fast-paced and challenging semester, TOPS students are cementing their success over the past months by applying final touches to their summative projects and studying hard for exams. In addition to their mandatory TOPS courses, they will be preparing for electives like finance, computer science, and accounting before heading into the new semester.

Integral Ability

The grade 11 calculus class finished their unit on integration. The students learned how to integrate functions and evaluate definite integrals, which they applied to solve rectilinear motion and average rate problems. Students also became acquainted with u-substitution, which will be integral to future units.

Limiting Reagents

The grade 11 chemistry class learned about limiting reagents by comparing chemical products to banana splits. By observing how the products of a reaction are limited by the reagent that runs out first (like the bananas), students made their way through challenging chemistry problems—and of course, a perfectly balanced banana split.