Rick Mercer Rants

The grade 11 English classes are creating Rick Mercer-style video rants about a topic of their choice. The topics range from climate change to romantic comedies and beyond. To fully replicate Mercer’s style, some students are filming their rants in Toronto’s graffiti alleys.  

Stress Relief

To prepare students for their upcoming exams, the MGCI Social Justice and Equity Committee and Mind Your Mind partnered to host a stress relief workshop. Activities included card games, board games, breathing exercises, stretching, and a discussion of stress relief techniques.  

A Study of Sarajevo

The grade 11 English students began their unit on Galloway’s “The Cellist of Sarajevo” with some pre-reading research and a series of TED talks. This was primarily to offer background into issues such as war and sacrifice to better understand the context of the book before diving in.

A Stellar Space Day

The grade 11 students got a taste of teaching through volunteering at Space Day, a Toronto-wide event organized to teach sixth grade students about space sciences in a hands on manner. Students facilitated the event by running the various activities, working to ignite a passion for science in the students.