Perms and Combs

The second semester Linear Algebra class began a new unit on permutations and combinations. Students explored concepts such as the Fundamental Counting Principle and the Rule of Sum, which will be used to solve a variety of problems in the coming weeks.

Quantum Mechanics

The grade 12 physics students began their final unit on quantum mechanics, exploring concepts such as quantization, wave-particle duality, and the photoelectric effect. Through this unit, students branched off from the classical physics they had studied and got a glimpse into more modern developments in physics.

Economics of Equality

Several TOPS students had the opportunity to attend the Economic Club of Canada’s inspiring “The Economics of Equality” talk with Michelle Obama. Topics of discussion included gender equality, social media, and Michelle Obama’s personal life experiences.

Exploring Fields

The grade 12 physics class has been studying gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields. Through this unit, students have explored concepts such as dark matter, Coulomb’s law, field mapping, magnetism, and various real-world applications associated with them.