Putting in Work

The grade 12 physics class has been studying work, energy, and momentum. Students learned about the different types of energy, collisions, and more, unifying concepts they have learned from previous units with new ones.

Clubs Fair

TOPS students are actively involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at school. This week, the first annual MGCI Clubs Fair was held to promote the school’s clubs. Representatives set up booths, sold food, and hosted interactive activities to engage students.

The Dynamics of Motion

The grade 12 physics students have begun a new unit on dynamics: the “why” of motion. Students are exploring concepts such as Newton’s three laws of motion and applying this knowledge to see how forces shape our lives.

Rick Mercer Rants

The grade 11 English classes are creating Rick Mercer-style video rants about a topic of their choice. The topics range from climate change to romantic comedies and beyond. To fully replicate Mercer’s style, some students are filming their rants in Toronto’s graffiti alleys.