Stress Relief

To prepare students for their upcoming exams, the MGCI Social Justice and Equity Committee and Mind Your Mind partnered to host a stress relief workshop. Activities included card games, board games, breathing exercises, stretching, and a discussion of stress relief techniques.  

A Study of Sarajevo

The grade 11 English students began their unit on Galloway’s “The Cellist of Sarajevo” with some pre-reading research and a series of TED talks. This was primarily to offer background into issues such as war and sacrifice to better understand the context of the book before diving in.

A Stellar Space Day

The grade 11 students got a taste of teaching through volunteering at Space Day, a Toronto-wide event organized to teach sixth grade students about space sciences in a hands on manner. Students facilitated the event by running the various activities, working to ignite a passion for science in the students.

An Ode to Man

The grade 11 English class started their analysis of Sophocles’ Antigone by investigating the “Ode to Man,” a specific passage in the Theban play. After evaluating the various aspects of the piece, the students were tasked with creating and presenting a modernized version of the Ode to Man.