Go Cougars!

Aside from academic endeavours, many TOPS students are also highly involved in sports teams both in and out of school. Some popular teams are the junior and senior girls’ volleyball teams, which are currently preparing for playoffs. The team usually practices twice a week and plays once a week.

Tri-Sci Competition

The grade 11 students were invited to compete in the York University Tri-Sci Competition, placing second out of six teams. The competition consisted of 3 multiple choice sections and one hands-on section covering various topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. Students also enjoyed a tour of the university!

Model Mania

As an extension to their organic chemistry unit, the grade 11 students constructed models of organic compounds. These models aimed to showcase the chemicals’ everyday functions through a creative medium.

Atmospheric Gases

The grade 11 TOPS chemistry students began their unit on atmospheric gases with several lab activities. Within these experiments, students investigated the relationships between mass, temperature, volume, and pressure of gases.