Crazy Circuits

In groups of four and five, the grade 12 AP physics students executed self-designed experiments to test the properties of diodes, transistors, and capacitors. They constructed circuits to measure the electrical potential and current at a desired semiconductor. Students attended lectures about semiconductors to help them with their experiments.

Examining Spread

The grade 12 data management class began studying the measures of central tendency and spread. The students furthered their understanding of standard deviation by examining how they are used to calculate the z-score of a normal distribution data set.

Playing with Pendulums

The grade 12 AP physics students began their pendulum lab this week. They applied their knowledge of calculus concepts to investigate how the mass and length of a pendulum affect its period. Students will write a formal report to summarize their findings from the lab.

Ode to Man

This week, the grade 11 English students presented their choral readings based on “Ode to Man”, a famous passage from Sophocles’ Antigone. Students worked in groups to create their own versions of this piece, describing the greatness of mankind.