Polynomial Division

The Grade 10 Functions class explored the concept of polynomial division, setting the stage for graphing more complex functions in the future. The lectures focused on the factor and remainder theorems, which are needed to solve and graph cubic, quartic and quintic functions.

The Story of Light

For their most recent physics unit, the grade 10 students delved into the study of light. This not only consisted of the discovery of light’s speed, but also its nature pertaining to wave properties. Furthermore, students studied the history of individuals who contributed significant findings, such as Galileo Galilei, Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

Trigonometric Venture

After covering all the topics of the grade 10 math curriculum, students delved into additional trigonometric content. This included concepts such as the CAST rule, which is used to measure angles in different quadrants. Although the material won’t be included on their final exams, its purpose is to help students prepare for their functions course next semester.       …

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Arts Night

Beyond their rigorous academics, many TOPS students also enjoy indulging in the arts. Once a year, Marc Garneau CI holds Arts Night: a school-wide event where students showcase their artistic talents through band performances or the display of artistic pieces. While attendance for the event is mandatory for students enrolled in art courses, many others participated as well.