Rates of Reactions

Grade 12 Photo - Feb 28

The grade 12 chemistry students studied factors influencing rates of reactions. During a lab, they mixed a thiosulfate solution with hydrochloric acid and timed how long it took for precipitate to form under different initial concentrations and temperatures.

The Magic of Electricity

Grade 12 Photo - Dec 13

The grade 12 AP Physics C students continued their study of electromagnetism through analyzing the relationships between charge, flux, electric fields, electrical potential, and magnetic fields. A number of fundamental equations were derived using a comprehensive understanding of calculus and vector algebra, as well as the right-hand rule.

Orbits & Nodes

AP Physics - Celestial Mechanics

The grade 12 AP physics students concluded their unit on celestial mechanics. Throughout the unit, they analyzed the fundamental principles governing motion in space. Their work included proving Kepler’s Laws, calculating positions of Lagrangian Nodes, and constructing a model of an asteroid’s orbit using orbital elements.

Normal Distributions

The grade 12 data management students analyzed statistical distributions. With a focus on normal distributions, they used relationships between mean, standard deviation, and z-scores to compare differently shaped graphs with each other.