History Debate

This week, the grade 10 history students completed their unit on the Canadian Labour Movement from 1914 to 2017. As one of the final projects, two groups debated over the topic of “Should the labour movement fight for ‘maximum wage’ legislation as a complement to the minimum wage?” with supporting points and arguments that were taught in class.

More Algonquin Analysis

The grade 10 science students have completed their culminating task in the form of a presentation on the data collected from Algonquin Park. Each group of four was responsible for choosing, researching and analyzing a specific topic regarding the environment of Algonquin. After condensing these findings, they presented their conclusions to the class.

A Return on Investing

The grade 10 functions class returned to exponents and logarithms as a continuation to what they have learned in grade 9. Students reviewed topics including the time value of money, and learned how to solve various compound interest problems. In addition, they enhanced their skill set by graphing logarithmic functions and reviewing the relationship between logs and exponents.

Series and Sequences

This week, the grade 10 math students began a new unit on sequences and series. The class investigated the properties of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, and learned about Pascal’s Triangle: an important sequence that can be applied in binomial expansions.