Powerful Graphs

This week, the grade 10 math class was introduced to higher power polynomial functions through graphing and analyzing the features of their equations. Students were taught how to factor and plot complex quartic and quintic functions as well as identify their equations when given a graph.

Polynomial Division

The Grade 10 Functions class explored the concept of polynomial division, setting the stage for graphing more complex functions in the future. The lectures focused on the factor and remainder theorems, which are needed to solve and graph cubic, quartic and quintic functions.

Chemistry Labs

The grade 10 science students learned about properties of different elements and studied chemical reactions through various in-class experiments. Some topics that were explored include combustion, neutralization, acids and bases, and balancing chemical equations.

A Function Finale

This week, the grade 10 math class concluded their first unit on functions with an assessment to test their knowledge. Throughout this unit, students learned about transformations for a variety of complex functions, calculating their inverses as well as determining the equation of any given graph.