Algonquin Training

The grade 10 science students split up into training specialization groups in preparation for their Algonquin Park expedition in May. Over the next week, they will undergo rigorous training in one of the three specializations to ensure that they are well prepared for their training test at the end of the unit.

Rolling through the Sixties

This week, the grade 10 history students began their journey into the 1960s. They studied various political cartoons from the sixties and examined how they reflect the general perceptions of the world that were held at the time. Students also analyzed themes within the cartoons such as civil rights and the Cold War.

Creative Chemistry


This week, the grade 10 science class demonstrated the Conservation of Mass law through an enriching experiment. In partners, students designed procedures to ensure that the two reactants, cobalt (II) chloride and ammonium hydroxide, would be equal in mass after being combined. A formal lab report was written afterwards.

Terrific Transformations

Math transformations

The grade 10 math students began learning about transformations of functions. Over the course of four days, they studied vertical and horizontal stretches, compressions, and shifts, and how to apply them to a plethora of functions, including quadratic, cubic, and exponential functions.