Canada’s Global Impact

This week, the grade 10 history students investigated the theme of “Global Context” in Canadian history by exploring significant figures, trends and developments from 1914 to 2017. Students will then present their research through one of four mediums: a multimedia presentation, a seminar, a modern debate or an extended essay.

Analyzing Algonquin


The grade 10 students embarked on their long anticipated expedition to Algonquin Park. During the four-day trip, teams comprised of 9 or 10 students hiked throughout the park to collect data on items including temperature, wildlife, and water depth and flow rate. Students will be analyzing the collected information through presentations in the upcoming weeks.  

A Focus on Optics

This week, the second grade 10 TOPS class began their optics unit with the study of images and magnification through optical devices such as a pinhole camera. Throughout the next few weeks, students will investigate various aspects of optics, including Snell’s Law of Refraction, converging and diverging lenses, and the Lens Maker’s equation.

Learning Trigonometry

The grade 10 students recently began their study of trigonometry. After reviewing the primary trigonometric ratios, students learned how to express angles in radians in addition to degrees. They will be assessed on their knowledge of special trigonometric ratios through dictation quizzes, which will prompt students to answer questions both quickly and accurately.