Lines and Circles

This week, the grade 10 math students examined the relationships between vectors and line segment division in detail. They also looked at different properties of lines and circles, such as the formulas for the midpoint and distance of a line and the tangent to a circle. They will continue their studies of 2D Geometry in the days to come.

Shakespearean Scenes

The grade 10 English class prepared and performed productions based on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Each group chose an individual scene to analyze and re-enact in detail, focusing on themes and characters. The students prepared shortened versions of the script to show their interpretations and summaries of the scenes they chose.

Marvelous Matrices

This week, the grade 10 students continued their unit on solving linear systems with an exploration of matrices. They learned how to simplify matrices with Gauss-Jordan Elimination, as well as how to calculate and apply determinants to solve matrices with Cramer’s Rule. Next week, they will continue their study of matrices by examining their applications for other unique systems.

Ready to program

This week, the grade 10 computer science class began writing programs using Java. Students learned the basics of the computer language through programming on the “Ready to Program” application. They utilized their knowledge to create a variety of programs and will continue to further their knowledge in weeks to come.