Vector Fundamentals


Mr. van Bemmel introduced vectors to his grade 11 physics class as part of the kinematics unit. With vector fundamentals, students can analyse motion in any dimension. As an extension, students will be performing the constant acceleration lab where they collect data on a vehicle travelling down an incline to derive the local gravity constant and the mass of the …

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Microscopic Organisms

The grade 11 biology class studied micro-slide viewer strips of both harmful and helpful bacteria to start off their new unit on prokaryotes, viruses, and protists. They have also been applying their understanding of these microscopic organisms by reading newspaper articles on antibiotic resistance and looking at prepared slides of probiotic yogurt.

Tri-Sci Competition

The grade 11 students were invited to compete in the York University Tri-Sci Competition, placing second out of six teams. The competition consisted of 3 multiple choice sections and one hands-on section covering various topics in physics, chemistry, and biology. Students also enjoyed a tour of the university!

Microscope Drawings

microscopes and drawings

The ability to create accurate biological drawings is crucial to the study of biology. Grade 11 Biology students have spent the first week of 2nd semester learning this skill. After examining a Cucurbita pumpkin stem under a compound light microscope, they drew diagrams following the standard format and conventions.