Chemistry Labs

The grade 11 chemistry class investigated various chemical elements and their properties through observations of chemical reactions. One lab experiment allowed students to analyze the reactivity of different metals based on displacement reactions. Familiarized with lab procedures and chemical nomenclature, students are ready to tackle upcoming labs and concepts in chemistry.

Rick Mercer Rants

The grade 11 English classes are creating Rick Mercer-style video rants about a topic of their choice. The topics range from climate change to romantic comedies and beyond. To fully replicate Mercer’s style, some students are filming their rants in Toronto’s graffiti alleys.  

Rat Dissections

Rat dissection

Grade 11 students participated in a rat dissection as their culminating activity. Students used the knowledge acquired during the course to scientifically explore the anatomy of a rat. Dissection activities include drawing diagrams of bodily systems and identifying organs.

Sarajevo Summative Essay

The grade 11 students have been annotating and discussing The Cellist of Sarajevo in groups. The purpose of their discussions is to analyze the three main characters of the book. Next week they will use their annotations, notes, and character outlines to write their culminating essay in class.