Antigone Analysis

The grade 11 English class is completing their study of Sophocles’ Antigone by studying Anne Carson’s adapted version, Antigonick. Students analyzed the illustrations and symbols within Antigonick during student-run 10-minute seminars. The presentations summarize and deepen the students’ understanding of Sophocles’ work.

Investigating Parasites

parasite presentation 1

The grade 11 biology class investigated parasites this week. Students were required to choose from a given list of parasites, present about its virulent characteristics, and write a report concerning climate change’s effects on that chosen parasite. Ebola, athlete’s foot, and African Sleeping Sickness were some of the topics presented.

An Ode to Man

The grade 11 English class started their analysis of Sophocles’ Antigone by investigating the “Ode to Man,” a specific passage in the Theban play. After evaluating the various aspects of the piece, the students were tasked with creating and presenting a modernized version of the Ode to Man.

Vector Fundamentals


Mr. van Bemmel introduced vectors to his grade 11 physics class as part of the kinematics unit. With vector fundamentals, students can analyse motion in any dimension. As an extension, students will be performing the constant acceleration lab where they collect data on a vehicle travelling down an incline to derive the local gravity constant and the mass of the …

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