I Want Bohr Experiments!

This week, the grade 11 Chemistry class recreated Bohr’s hydrogen experiments. Students observed the different spectral lines emitted from the excited hydrogen. After observing the spectrum, they calculated the different energies of different particles with respect to their orbitals.

Chemistry Lab Orientation

  This week the Grade 11 students completed a laboratory orientation for their Chemistry class, preparing them for the abundance of in-class labs conducted in the course. The orientation involved mapping the room and its equipment, using measuring utilities and Bunsen burners, and learning safety procedures.

Studying Sophocles’ “Antigone”

This week the Grade 11 TOPS class began studying the Sophocles’ play “Antigone”. They were introduced to common attributes of Greek tragedies and examined the conflicts that were present throughout the beginning of the play. Before they started reading the play, they also familiarized themselves with Greek myths, especially those which surrounded King Oedipus and his family.