Planting Investigation

The grade 11 biology class finished their studies on plants. To apply their knowledge, students began a research project focused on investigating a certain characteristic of plants and looking at factors that may affect it. Students will carry out experiments to analyse the chosen factor and present it in a formal lab report.

Budding Botany

The grade 11 biology class started their experiments on plant growth. After formulating a scientific objective pertaining to their recent unit on plants, students planted selected seeds and began to observe plant behaviour under certain conditions. Using control cases, they will investigate properties like photosynthesis and gravitropism.

Fast Tracked Physics

The grade 11 physics class conducted a lab on constant acceleration for their kinematics unit. Groups of four utilized ticker timers to record the time it took for a cart to run down a tilted runway. Students applied this data to calculate velocity and acceleration, in addition to analyzing the results and relationships between variables.

Computer Contest

A number of TOPS students from each grade wrote the Canadian Computing Competition. Divided into either a junior or senior division based on difficulty, students had a three-hour window to attempt to solve five different programming questions. Successful contestants will be able to move on to the Canadian Computing Olympiad in May.