TED Talk Thoughts

The grade 11 English class watched a series of TED talks investigating how different types of art and ideas are approached. By annotating transcripts and holding class discussions, they distilled down the main ideas for further analysis. One talk about classical music will be the focal point for further inquiry into the power of music.

Pine Crest in Winter

The grade 11 TOPS students revisited YMCA Camp Pine Crest where they were able to relax after a demanding first semester of calculus, chemistry, and other courses. There, students participated in many winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and quinzhee building. The students had a great experience and are now ready to take on the second semester.

Choral Choirs 

The grade 11 English class analyzed a short story flash fiction involving themes of innate knowledge versus acquired learning. The students formed groups and compiled their own list of “things to know”. To present their ideas, each group had to perform a choral reading in which symbolism, volume, posture, and positioning were used to convey the message.  

A Calculus Revolution

The grade 11 calculus students worked on applying definite integration. They solved problems involving work and the area between curves and also used Riemann sums to calculate volumes revolving around curves using disks, washers, and cylindrical shells. Knowledge of these applications will see definite use in future subjects.