Summative Prep

The grade 11 chemistry students completed a lab in preparation for their summative evaluation, which consists of two days of in-class experiments. Students collaborated to find the percentage yield in the formation of a precipitate in an acid-base neutralization experiment.

Pressure of Gas

The grade 11 chemistry class covered an expansive unit on gases, involving stoichiometry, unit conversions, and calculations. They conducted a series of mini-labs that delved into the properties and relationships of pressure, temperature, and volume. Finally, the students synthesized these concepts through a culminating lab that involved producing a gas and applying laws and conversions to find various measurements.

Titration Investigation

The grade 11 chemistry class performed multiple labs involving titrations. By titrating a base into an acid with unknown concentration, students were able to perform calculations to determine the acid molarity by using a pH indicator. This knowledge allows them to understand other titration concepts such as serial dilutions.

Integral Ability

The grade 11 calculus class finished their unit on integration. The students learned how to integrate functions and evaluate definite integrals, which they applied to solve rectilinear motion and average rate problems. Students also became acquainted with u-substitution, which will be integral to future units.