Genetic Controversy

On Friday, the Grade 12 Biology students were treated to a presentation on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. After learning about the biochemical mechanisms behind the insertion and excision of genes, students then discussed the moral and ethical consequences of utilizing this technology, encompassing everything  from “beefed-up” cows to genetically modified babies. As this technology becomes more effective, the same discussions held …

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Permutations and Combinations

The grade 12 linear algebra class is learning about permutations and combinations. Students are practicing various application scenarios, such as the rearrangement of letters in a words and drawing poker hands. The unit leads into the study of polynomial and exponential generating functions, which are an application to the counting concepts learned.

Tricky Titrations

The grade 12 chemistry class performed two titration experiments using a standardized solution of potassium iodate they had prepared. Based on the data gathered, students applied their stoichiometry knowledge to determine the concentrations of unknown sodium thiosulfate and iodine solutions.

Using a Colorimeter

The grade 12 chemistry students completed their first lab of the year. Students prepared standard solutions of Copper (II) Sulfate and performed five 10 mL serial dilutions. The different solutions were then placed into a colorimeter to find a simplified version of Beer-Lambert’s Law. Beer Lambert’s Law was used to find the concentration of an unknown sample.