Orbits & Nodes

AP Physics - Celestial Mechanics

The grade 12 AP physics students concluded their unit on celestial mechanics. Throughout the unit, they analyzed the fundamental principles governing motion in space. Their work included proving Kepler’s Laws, calculating positions of Lagrangian Nodes, and constructing a model of an asteroid’s orbit using orbital elements.

Putting in Work

Grade 12 Photo - Nov 1

The grade 12 physics class has been studying work, energy, and momentum. Students learned about the different types of energy, collisions, and more, unifying concepts they have learned from previous units with new ones.

Short Story Seminars


The grade 12 English students presented their short story seminars in class. The short stories span a variety of literary eras and are all written by renowned authors including Nikolai Gogol, H.G. Wells, and Margaret Atwood. Each presentation lasts about an hour and the students are encouraged to conduct Socratic discussions on the stories’ themes, characters, and literary devices.