Matrices Math

The grade 12 Algebra and Geometry students began their unit on matrices. The students learned how to perform basic operations with matrices, and how to use them to represent linear transformations. The students will continue to study matrices until their graduation trip at the end of May.

Identifying Ions

Grade 12 chemistry students completed a lab experiment that involved finding the ion composition of two unknown solutions. Students performed various qualitative tests on the solution, such as precipitate, flame, and ash tests. Using the results of these tests, they were able to determine the elements in the aqueous solution.

Metabolic Processes

Grade 12 biology students began a new unit on metabolic processes. For their first lesson, the class studied glycolysis, one of the three stages in aerobic cellular respiration. Students were expected to complete readings on each step in the process as well as its purpose.


The grade 12 Algebra and Geometry class started their adventure into vectors. Students learned about vectors, dot products, their properties, and the steps to check if two vectors are orthogonal. These new topics enhance their existing mathematics knowledge and will be applied in greater complexity in the following units.