Short Story Seminars

The grade 12 English class began their unit on short stories and looked at the development of modern storytelling. Students were given 15 short stories written by prominent authors to read. They were then tasked to select and analyze a story and present their findings through a seminar, focusing on the evolution of writing and story structure.

Orbital Focus

The grade 12 AP physics class built upon their knowledge of celestial mechanics by researching an asteroid. Through several computations, they determined its position and velocity vectors and labelled a scale model with various parameters. They also applied what they learned from the past month to identify an unknown celestial object.

Really Complex

This week the grade 12 students finished their studies on complex numbers. They learned how to perform computations on complex numbers, and how to represent these values in Cartesian, polar, and exponential form. Most importantly though, was the understanding that complex numbers are just as “real” as real numbers are.

Soup Can Physics

The AP Physics students worked on their first experiment of the year: an investigation of the behaviours of cans of soup with various consistencies, when rolled down ramps of varying inclinations. Students explored lab equipment such as sonic rangers to optimize the collection of data, which they will analyze to study the cans’ energy and fluid dynamics.