The grade 12 Algebra and Geometry class started their adventure into vectors. Students learned about vectors, dot products, their properties, and the steps to check if two vectors are orthogonal. These new topics enhance their existing mathematics knowledge and will be applied in greater complexity in the following units.  

Powering Through Biology

Grade 12 biology students learned about mitochondrial replacement therapy during their weekly Hot Topics Presentation, in which groups of students summarize and explain a recent scientific article. After learning about mitochondrial replacement therapy’s procedure and risks, the class participated in activities where they simulated the replacement process.

Concentrating Reactions

The grade 12 chemistry class conducted an experiment to find the rate law of the reaction between sodium thiosulfate and hydrochloric acid. Students determined the reaction rates by observing how quickly the mixture became cloudy. A second experiment was completed to determine the effect of temperature on the reaction rate as well.

Genetic Controversy

On Friday, the Grade 12 Biology students were treated to a presentation on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. After learning about the biochemical mechanisms behind the insertion and excision of genes, students then discussed the moral and ethical consequences of utilizing this technology, encompassing everything  from “beefed-up” cows to genetically modified babies. As this technology becomes more effective, the same discussions held …

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