How many different licence plates can be made if there must be 4 letters followed by 3 numbers without repetition? This week, our linear algebra course dealt with combinations and permutations, as we learned how to apply equations and tricks to find the number of ways elements in a set can be rearranged or chosen.

Theorizing Theses

What is the relationship between the amount of data homework and grade 12 TOPS students’ lack of sleep? In our data management class, we learned how to develop theses and create statistical questions from mind maps. This will be applied to our summative project, where we will formulate theses backed up with data and analysis.

Exciting Seminars

Do you like reading about ballet? How about mystery? To end off a semester of English, we are presenting seminars on a variety of short stories which encapsulated themes of power and blindness. One of the stories we read was Heather O’Neill’s Swan Lake for Beginners, which details a fictional experiment that cloned a world-renowned ballet dancer.

Rube Goldberg Machines

After a month of planning and designing, we finally presented our Rube Goldberg machines in grade 12 physics. Our machines are designed to perform simple tasks in intricate ways consisting of multiple steps and energy transfers. Examples of tasks our machines performed include cutting hair and ripping toilet paper.