Halloween Doppelgangers

This Halloween, Grade 12’s put their love for physics and Mr. van Bemmel on display as they dressed up as their favourite AP Physics teacher. Sporting pocket protectors, trifocal glasses, white shirts and ties, they haunted the night with talk of space science.

Grade 12 Physics

This week, Grade 12 students in Mrs. Patrascu’s class completed their centripetal force lab. With a timer and a rubber stopper attached to a string, students discovered the relationship between the centripetal force and period of a rotating object.

King Lear at Stratford

This Thursday, the Grade 12 TOPS students revisited Stratford to watch a production of King Lear. Dark and dramatic, Shakespeare’s great tragedy moved the students with Colm Feore’s impeccable acting in a magnificent example of modern theatre.

Stratford Festival

TOPS students explored the wonderful world of literature and theatre in the city of Stratford, where all got the opportunity to experience the magic of Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, tap dance in Crazy For You, and soar through the magical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass.