Energetic Soup Cans

The AP Physics C class hit the ground running with a lab on the second day of school. Students rolled soup cans down ramps to analyze changes in potential and kinetic energies over time. With demanding labs and university applications looming, one question spun in their heads: “Can” they make it through the semester? When asked this, Mr. van Bemmel …

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Grade 12 biology classes took a trip to the Ontario Science Center where they replicated and analyzed the DNA of their cheek cells using PCR and gel electrophoresis. By comparing the sizes of their DNA fragments, the students determined the frequency of their genotype in the population– our graduating class are a rare bunch indeed!

Linear Algebra

This past week, the Grade 12 linear algebra class has been studying lines and planes in both 2-D and 3-D spaces. Students have been learning different methods to help calculate points of intersection, from visualizing problems with dividers to using the Gaussian and Gauss-Jordan elimination methods for finding exact points.

Linear Algebra Applications

This week in linear algebra, Grade 12 students have been looking at the laws of vector algebra. Not only did they learn how to prove the dot product formula, but they also discovered how the dot product is used in the organization of Amazon’s warehouses!