Grade 12 Biology Experiment

The Grade 12 Biology class conducted experiments this week on enzymes by studying how they would react in systems with different temperatures and pH. The students also used a variety of reactants including pieces of liver, chicken, apple, and potato. The experiments de-livered great results!

Grade 12 Biology

This week, the Grade 12 Biology classes started the first of their “Hot Topics” projects. Students are working together in groups to analyse scientific articles related to topics studied in the curriculum. Presentations this week included an in-depth analysis of the use of antibiotics and a study on stem cell research.

Probability Experiments

In the Grade 12 Data Management class, students finished up their unit on combinations and have now moved on to probability. Through the use of cards, coins, and dice, they have been modelling different situations and calculating the experimental and theoretical probabilities. This useful skill has many real life applications, and will come in handy for any future experiments.

Analyzing Short Stories

This week Grade 12 students gave presentations on short stories to discuss aspects such as style, conflict, and purpose. Authors ranged from H. G. Wells to Alice Munro. Students will complete the unit by writing an introduction to an anthology filled with stories of their choosing.