The World of Vectors

The second-semester grade 12 Algebra Geometry class delved into the world of vectors. The students deepened their knowledge of this topic by learning real-world applications of vectors beyond three-space, such as ISBN codes (which can be represented as nine-dimensional vectors).

Rates of Reactions

The grade 12 chemistry students studied factors influencing rates of reactions. During a lab, they mixed a thiosulfate solution with hydrochloric acid and timed how long it took for precipitate to form under different initial concentrations and temperatures.

Perms and Combs

The second semester Linear Algebra class began a new unit on permutations and combinations. Students explored concepts such as the Fundamental Counting Principle and the Rule of Sum, which will be used to solve a variety of problems in the coming weeks.

Rolling Dice

The second-semester grade 12 data management students began their unit in constructing and interpreting visual displays of data. For their first assignment, they tallied the rolling of a single die and the sums of the rolling of two dice. Afterwards, they displayed the data for both scenarios using tables and graphs.