Primary Study

The grade 12 data management students began presenting their summative projects in class. Each student explored a thesis by conducting and analyzing a statistical study that they developed themselves, which required collecting primary data and creating charts and graphs. Afterwards, they displayed their findings the week before exams.

Quantum Mechanics

The grade 12 physics students began their final unit on quantum mechanics, exploring concepts such as quantization, wave-particle duality, and the photoelectric effect. Through this unit, students branched off from the classical physics they had studied and got a glimpse into more modern developments in physics.

Last Lab of the Year

On the last day of school before the winter holidays, the grade 12 AP Physics C students worked diligently in the lab from 12 pm to 5 pm on a challenging series of experiments related to quantum mechanics. These experiments were of their own design. They first were required to use diodes to obtain a value for Planck’s constant. Then given this …

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The Magic of Electricity

The grade 12 AP Physics C students continued their study of electromagnetism through analyzing the relationships between charge, flux, electric fields, electrical potential, and magnetic fields. A number of fundamental equations were derived using a comprehensive understanding of calculus and vector algebra, as well as the right-hand rule.