Rural to Urban


This week, the grade 9 geography class took a trip around downtown Toronto. The students visited Evergreen Brickworks, the Distillery District, the St. Lawerence Market, and Kensington Market. They learned all about how rural areas of the past are now used in urbanized communities and also had fun exploring downtown.

Circuit Schematics

gr9 circuits

This week, the grade 9 science class continued their study of electricity and circuits. Students drew circuit schematics including electrical components like resistors and switches. They explored electric current, potential difference, and resistance in circuits. They will soon go on to study the differences between series and parallel circuits.

Greenhouse Gardening

24899837_522801271429507_5390970236377007132_n (2)

This week, the grade 9 geography class journeyed to the school greenhouse. They explored and observed all aspects of the garden. As part of the Story of Stuff unit, the class found this excursion both stimulating and enlightening. Trekking through the various flora, students learned about all the vegetation that comes from MGCI’s botanical garden!

Unconventional Energy

24131574_519027918473509_4828932052313260285_n (2)

The grade 9 geography class researched and created PowerPoint presentations on unconventional energy sources. Students got into groups and discussed the energy sources as well as their impacts on the economy, their ERoEI, reliableness and much more. They will then be presenting their ideas in later classes.