Terrific Twelfth Night

The grade 9 English students have finished reading Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. They started to write letters from the perspective of a character in the play, which will be addressed to their friend, parents, or even an advice column. Furthermore, the letter is expected to be written in Shakespearean prose as a challenge to the class.

Efficient Equations

The grade 9 math students continued their analytical geometry unit by learning how to graph lines and plot coordinate points on their graphing calculators. Using its various functions, students found equations of lines and their intersecting points with much greater efficiency than before. These tools will be useful for their time-constrained test happening later this week.

Twelfth Night

The grade 9 English class saw the Classical Theatre Project’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, which featured Vaudeville style costumes and music from the 1920s. Afterward, they attended an acting workshop taught by Classical Theatre Project actors, where they learned the art of stage combat.

Rise Over Run

This week, the grade 9 math class began their unit on analytical geometry. During the first lecture, students learned how to calculate the distance between coordinate points as well as the slope of a line. These skills will be applied during their study of geometric shapes later in the unit.