Elements Matter

Alex Yu photo - elements matter

This week, the grade 9 science class started their chemistry unit. Students looked at the difference between chemical and physical changes of substances as well as the relationships between mass, volume and density. They will now study atoms, elements, compounds and the periodic table in greater depth.

Hands-on Vegetation

The grade 9 geography class learned about vegetation by planting a variety of seeds in vermicompost and soil. The students will continue to study vermicomposting in the coming week through hands-on activities.

Vermicompost Creations


This week, the grade 9 geography class expanded their knowledge of climate, soil, and natural vegetation by learning about their interconnections. Students learned about how different climate regions directly affect the natural vegetation in Canada environment, and applied this knowledge to create vermicomposts.

Climatic Factors

This week, the grade 9 geography class began studying the factors that affect climate and the causes of certain natural phenomena. Through presentation and discussion, students learned about different climate regions of Canada and the causes of cyclones. The class will go on to study the role that soil and vegetation plays in Canada’s environment.