Captivating Set Theory

What do grouping toys by colour and numbers by parity have in common? Both are aspects of set theory, the first unit in our grade 9 math curriculum. This week, our math class had our first test on set theory where we used the various topics we studied such as cardinality and DeMorgan’s Laws to solve a variety of problems.

It’s Shocking!

This week, we started our physics unit on electricity in grade 9 science class. Over the last few days, we learned about the positively shocking properties of static electricity and observed these properties in action using the pith ball and metal leaf electroscopes.

It’s Ex-CELL-ent

The human body is a truly miraculous machine, with all sorts of different cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems that work hard together to keep us alive. Our grade 9 science class is really excited, since we’re learning about this in our biology unit. We examined magnified cells from the musculoskeletal system, such as bone, different muscles, ligaments, and blood.

Miraculous Microscopes

After two months of chemistry, the grade 9 science class is moving on to their biology unit. They were introduced to the microscope, a crucial instrument to studying the world of microorganisms. Students looked at various aspects of microscopes, including its parts, functions, history, and inventors.