Forks of The Credit

This week, Grade 9 students visited the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in search of the mysterious forces that shape Canadian landscapes. After conquering an 8 kilometre hike, they got a chance to see the Cheltenham Badlands – a landform so devoid of nutrients that it cannot support vegetation.

Marvellous Matrices

This week, the Grade 10 Math students were introduced to the concept of matrices using the Gauss-Jordan elimination method. Students look forward to solving multi-step problems using different forms of matrices including basic operations involving row and row-reduced echelon form.

Oedipus the King

This week, the Grade 12 English students continued their journey into Oedipus the King, second of the three Theban plays. They brought Sophocles’ words to life with contemporary dramatic readings. As students continue to explore and analyze Oedipus, they will reflect on quintessential themes of human existence such as fate, free will, and the importance of stories.

Making Molecular Models

The grade 11 TOPS students built impressive molecular models in Chemistry class from kits using balls, springs, and plastic sticks in order to recreate molecular bonds. This enlightening activity allowed them to investigate how different atoms bond with each other