Bumper-bot Racing

This week, the technological design class culminated their Electronics unit with a Bumper-Bot race! Students meticulously soldered dozens of electronic components, and attaching motors and wheels to their own creatively inspired base. The bots ranged from chickens to tanks, and did not fail to entertain.

Space Exploration

In Computer Science class, Grade 10s are blasting off into a new unit as they take on the challenge of simulating a rocket ship’s flight in space. Students are learning to import images and sounds, and use loops to make their creations come to life.

Doctors of Tomorrow

The grade nines have moved on to explore the science within the human body! Today they stepped into the life of a healthcare professional as they used stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers to probe and measure each other’s heart rate, and blood pressure. Such an experience allows students to better understand the complexity of the circulatory system.

Analyzing Short Stories

This week Grade 12 students gave presentations on short stories to discuss aspects such as style, conflict, and purpose. Authors ranged from H. G. Wells to Alice Munro. Students will complete the unit by writing an introduction to an anthology filled with stories of their choosing.