Eco Ex

Marc Garneau’s Eco-Team hosted an “Eco Ex” in the school’s galleria. The event raised awareness about various environmental issues. There were games, information booths, and taste testing stations. Many TOPS students were integral to the planning of the event.

Crazy Curling

Several TOPS students are part of Marc Garneau CI Curling Team, who played their first game this week against Victoria Park CI after weeks of intense training. Although they failed to win, it was a very close match and the team showed excellent spirit and teamwork skills throughout the game.

Chess Champions

Last Thursday, the MGCI Chess Club had the honor of hosting its own chess tournament. With 5 TOPS students in each of the junior and senior teams, each member played a match against one other school. The junior team swept 5-0 while the senior team finished 2-3.

Ball Hockey Tournament

Marc Garneau’s Student Activity Council held their annual Ball Hockey Tournament. For two days after school, teams played each other in fierce five-on-five matches. The winning team, Team HMVB, consisted of a number of TOPS students and (the legendary) Mr. van Bemmel as their goalie.