The Reckoner Meeting

The Reckoner, MGCI’s school newspaper, held a meeting to start off the year. Many TOPS students participate in The Reckoner, whether it is through contributions of writing pieces, maintenance of The Reckoner’s website, or design of the paper’s layout. The club convened to outline expectations, upcoming deadlines, and future goals, as well as to welcome all new and returning members.

Stratford Festival

The annual Stratford trip allows students to view various productions at the Stratford Festival and explore the city’s rich culture. This year’s lineup included the plays An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Grades 9 and 10 enjoyed a play adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, while senior grades were immersed in The Rocky Horror Show.

TOPS Video

This week, each grade was in the midst of making their TOPS video for the upcoming TOPS night. For grades 9 to 11, it is a video they make as a farewell to the graduating seniors. For the grade 12s, the video will reveal the university each student plans to attend.

Co-Ed Volleyball Team

The Marc Garneau co-ed volleyball team finished their last regular season game with a victory over Parkdale Collegiate Institute. The team trained in the mornings at 7:00am and after school until 5:00pm with a community coach. They will be moving on to the playoffs in the following week.