TOPS Teaching Excellence

Listed here are some of TOPS’ administrators’ awards and recognitions:

  • Most recently, Mr. McMaster received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Pin from the Government of Canada. Congratulations!
  • Marc Garneau C.I.’s TOPS program was featured by Maclean’s magazine as Canada’s top high school for academic excellence. In its August 23 issue over the summer, Maclean’s hailed the program’s motivated students and their dedicated teachers for pushing the students to be the best they can be.
  • Five of our teachers and school administrators have been awarded the highest teaching award in the country:
    • Prime Minister’s Teaching Excellence Award
      • C. Chamberlain (1994)
      • M. Hussey (2002)
      • M. McMaster (2003)
      • H. van Bemmel (2003)
      • K. John (2004)