TOPS Calculus

They say that all roads lead to calculus. Realizing its importance, TOPS introduces its students to Calculus in grade 11, a year ahead of the standard curriculum. Students are given the option to enroll in both the AP calculus course, with Mr. McMaster, or the BC calculus course (a more in-depth study of the subject) with Ms. Chan. Within the first month, a TOPS calculus class has covered the complete Ontario curriculum, and the remaining months are spent covering enrichment topics that make the course comparable to the most rigorous AP Calculus courses. The textbook is more extensive than those of most first year universities, and the teacher, Mr. McMaster, has won The Prime Minister’s award for teaching. Every student finishes the course with a thorough understanding of Calculus–in fact, many TOPS graduates have come back to say that this enriched learning has made their first, second, or even third years of university calculus easier.