Our Teachers

Ms. Hermanovsky

Ms. Hermanovsky is the new department head of the TOPS program. She has been a teacher at MGCI for ten years and a TOPS Science teacher for four years. She has attended the Algonquin and the Grade 9 Pinecrest field trips during her time as a TOPS teacher. Her goal as an educator is to keep her students intrigued, engaged, and asking critical questions about the phenomena they observe in her class. Her classes are renowned for the abundance of labs and demonstrations she incorporates into her teaching to ensure her students experience deep learning. Student-created lab procedures challenge the class and enable them to become bonafide scientists as they create their own experimental designs to test hypotheses. Her goal as a department head is to be transparent, supportive and accessible  to all members of the TOPS community. 




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Mr. McMaster

Mr. McMaster led the TOPS Program from the fall of 1999 until 2019. He supervised a re-invention of the program that introduced accelerated mathematics and science directly into the classroom. This has led, among other innovations, to TOPS students taking AP Calculus (1st year equivalent) in the fall of grade 11. This facilitates the use of calculus in physics to give students a better ground before heading off to challenging university programs. He also pioneered the grade 9 TOPS math program which includes the applications of combinatorics in duplicate bridge. His grade 12 Linear Algebra course gives TOPS students a very fine preparation in this abstract subject, allowing them to be some of the very few going to university with experience in areas such as Eigenvectors and generating functions. His work transcends the program and TOPS students are indeed fortunate for his contributions. His spare time is generally divided between playing Chopin on his grand piano or touring yet another Frank Lloyd Wright building.

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Mr. van Bemmel

Mr. van Bemmel teaches physics to grade 10, 11, and 12 AP Physics C students. He coordinates the annual grade 10 expedition to Algonquin Park, where students collect scientific data to write a professional style report on the ecology of the park. In his class, students are taught the history and thinking leading up to the formulation of scientific theories along with their corresponding equations. He focuses on a strong conceptual understanding of ideas rather than mechanically solving questions using formulas. For his dedication to education, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s for Teaching Excellence.






Ms. Chan

Ms. Chan teaches Functions and Relations to the Grade 10s, TOPS Calculus to the Grade 11s, and Data Management to the Grade 12s. She is a highly regarded teacher within the TOPS Program. Her style of teaching manages to captivate even the most distracted students.









Ms. Elamad

Ms. Elamad teaches grade 10 TOPS math. Although her course is based on the grade 10 math curriculum, she builds on fascinating topics such as functions and relations to prepare her students for their next course in advanced functions. She heads the math club, which meets every week to discuss complex math problems and increase their understanding of higher-level mathematics. Her detailed lessons and interesting examples mean that her classes are always manageable while still remaining intellectually stimulating with the advanced concepts that she teaches. With her supportive and encouraging teaching, students are always set up for success in her class.








Ms. Oliver

Ms. Oliver teaches science to the grade 9 TOPS students, biology and chemistry to the grade 10 TOPS students, and biology to the grade 12 TOPS students. She is well known for her engaging, fast paced lessons, and her contagious passion for everything science. She is often found in the science lab conducting experiments and marking tests at the speed of light, occasionally at the same time. From generating nonstop excitement in her class, to supporting students through every challenge, Ms. Oliver demonstrates not only her scientific skill, but her inherent teaching abilities as well. Truly exceptional, Ms. Oliver is an integral part of the TOPS family.





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Ms. Patrascu

Ms. Patrascu teaches Physics to Grade 12 students in the TOPS program. Her course opens up a multitude of doors for her university-bound students. She also enjoys assisting students in French.









Mr. Vincent

Mr. Vincent teaches Grade 12 TOPS Chemistry. His challenging classes always leave students with a thirst for knowledge. At the end of his course, students are more than prepared to tackle their university courses with great ease.










Ms. Woods

Ms. Woods has gone on every TOPS trip, without exception. In her Grade 11 chemistry classes, learning is hands-on and not from the text-book. Her classes allow for everyone to be involved and her activities let students learn in a more hands-on fashion.










Mrs.BrennanMrs. Brennan

Mrs. Brennan is a TOPS English teacher. She teaches the grade 12 English course alongside Ms. Smit, and a combined English and history grade 10 course. In her grade 10 course, she takes her students on a literary journey through 20th-century history, from World War I up until modern times. Every year, she accompanies grade 10 students on an overnight trip to Ottawa, where they tour a variety of museums and cultural landmarks, enriching their knowledge of Canadian history. A combination of intriguing assignments and her signature enthusiasm mean that every student under her tutelage leaves her class well-versed in language arts and prepared for the higher-level English courses that are to come.










Mrs. Smit

Mrs. Smit teaches TOPS students grade 12 TOPS English jointly with Ms. Brennan. Throughout the course, Ms. Smit incorporates a variety of media such as books, articles, and movies to develop students’ reading and communication skills. Her energy and passion has not only allowed students to excel in the subject, but also develop a greater interest in the subject.











Speirs copy

Ms. Speirs

Ms. Speirs teaches Grade 11 TOPS English with Mrs. White and Grade 12 TOPS English with Mrs. Smit. From Macbeth, to the lectures on Greek tragedies, her courses are bound to illuminate your literary path!











Mr. Jay

Mr. Jay teaches Grade 12 Computer Science and Grade 12 Robotics, both courses highly popular with TOPS students.











Mr. Brossard

Mr. Brossard  has been teaching in the TOPS program since 2006. He teaches grade 10 TOPS computer science as well as grade 11 computer engineering, both common courses taken by TOPS students. His favourite area of computer science to teach is animations and sound. Each year, he attends the ECOO Programming Contest, a computer programming contest designed for high school students, with a few qualifying TOPS students. Besides computer science, he has a great passion for music. He enjoys composing music and plays numerous instruments including the guitar, keyboard, drums, banjo, and mandolin.











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Mr. Lang

Although Mr. Lang is not a teacher, the director of the Canadian Space Resource Center is integral to the program. He has assisted in the running of almost every TOPS function.










Ms. Gosselin

Ms. Gosselin teaches Careers to the Grade 9 TOPS students. She consistently teaches her students in an enthusiastic, lively, and encouraging way. Her intriguing classes help students determine potential career paths. She then aids them in setting goals to achieve these plans.









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Ms. Roberge

Ms. Roberge is the geography teacher for grade 9 TOPS. She partakes in many TOPS field trips such as the grade 9 Pinecrest trip, Forks of the Credit, and many more. Ms.Roberge can make any field trip fun and exciting and her classes are no exception. With her engaging lessons and witty analogies, she always manages to keep her students interested. When she’s not busy teaching geography, Ms.Roberge loves to play the guitar and do cross-country skiing.