Physics Summatives

After countless hours and sleepless nights, the grade 11 physics class kicked off the week with the very first physics summative presentations. Students prepared seminars on a physics-related topic of their choice. Topics ranged from the physics behind familiar sports such as tennis and curling to the mysteries of dark matter.

Mendelian Inheritance

Grade 11 biology students investigated Mendelian inheritance in corn and learned about genotype ratios for dominant and recessive genes. In this lab, students examined the corn sample’s phenotypes such as colour and texture in order to determine its genotype, and used a chi-squared distribution to test their results.

Grade 10 Mathematics

Upon the conclusion of the advanced functions curriculum, Grade 10 students have begun to learn chapter 0 of the calculus textbook. This will prepare them for the AP Calculus course taken in the first semester of Grade 11.

The Cellist of Sarajevo

This week, the Grade 11 English class visited the Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library to hear author Stephen Galloway speak about his novel, The Cellist of Sarajevo, which students are currently studying. Students were then given the opportunity to ask questions and get their books signed.


Grade 12 biology classes took a trip to the Ontario Science Center where they replicated and analyzed the DNA of their cheek cells using PCR and gel electrophoresis. By comparing the sizes of their DNA fragments, the students determined the frequency of their genotype in the population– our graduating class are a rare bunch indeed!

Toronto Space Day

Recently, the grade 11 physics class collectively volunteered their enthusiasm to facilitate an annual series of engaging activities with middle school students for the annual Toronto Space Day. Senior students had an opportunity to teach younger space enthusiasts about the limitless potential of space.